FAQ on Mommy Makeover

Lots of ladies do not like the appearance of their physiques after they've had a few kids. A mommy makeover is a surgical treatment which will help to return a mother's body to her pre pregnancy look. 


What is Included in This Surgery?


A surgical treatment may require one of several operations or every one of them. It will depend upon the needs of the individual person. Procedures just like abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction are a few of the choices which depend upon whether she merely likes to reduce stretch marks or get rid of extra fats. Again, just one or each of the procedures may be executed. 


Will My Insurance Policy Cover These Operations?


Plastic surgery is not paid for by insurance policies typically. However probably if it is because of a back pain brought on by extremely large breasts, then the breast surgery may be paid for. However, the decision of how much is paid for still rests on the insurance company. 


Will There Be Scars From the Surgical Procedure?


Scars are an inescapable consequence of operations nevertheless medical doctors try to limit them. For example, tummy tucks are done on the bikini line in the lower abdomen. They will not show up in a swimsuit (even a bikini) and they will decrease in appearance with time. Breast scars might be in one of a few distinct areas. They may be circular all around the areola and then have a line downward to the fold under the breast (this is typically referred to as a lollipop scar). Or one on the breastfold according to the process performed.


For How Long Will I Be In the hospital?


You won't stay in the hospital for long, just long enough for carrying out the treatment and recovering for a while then you may go back home. Depending on the extense of your operation, the surgeon may suggest an overnight stay to closely check your progress.  


How Long Is Recovery Following A Mommy Makeover?


Count 1 to 4 weeks for complete recuperation. It depends upon what procedures mom went through.


Are All the Operations Performed in A Day?


It will depend upon how many types of procedures are being carried out. If there is comprehensive surgical treatment being performed the surgery may be split up into two or even 3 sessions. But in many areas such as Atlanta GA for example, doctors have been known to do all the procedures at one time says an expert from the website skin deep world.


What are the Risks of the Surgical Treatment?


Risks for instance infection, bleeding and fluid retention may take place as with any surgical procedure.  


If I Have Got High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Can I Still Have The Surgical procedure?


If your diabetes and high blood pressure are well managed you may still be a qualified candidate for a successful operation. If they're not in check your medical doctor will go over with you the benefits of delaying the surgical treatment.


I Stopped Smoking Last Week, Can I Still Be Eligible For Operation?


Doctors prefer that you wait at least 6 weeks after quitting smoking cigarettes before having a mommy makeover surgery executed.






How Do You Get a Mommy Makeover?

Women go through a great deal especially when carrying a baby. It isn't that simple and easy to have all of these changes happen to our body from carrying a child to childbirth. Oftentimes, the end result is a body that's far from what it was well before delivering the baby. A mommy makeover can tackle these problems through a number of procedures. 




As the child grows during pregnancy, the tummy extends. After the baby is born your belly will get smaller, however you'll be left with some extra skin and several stretchmarks. To do away with the excess skin, a tummy tuck is recommended. Sometimes, this procedure also takes care of the stretchmarks depending on where they're found.  




Even when we refer to those excess layers of fat as "baby fat," they still do not look great on one's body. With liposuction, those body fat are suctioned from the abdominal and/or buttocks area employing a straw-like apparatus. 


Breast Lift or Breast Reduction


After a baby is born the breasts are employed to nourish the newborn. When the baby is finished with the breastfeeding and the mommy is finished having more little ones she is usually left with sagging breasts or deflated breasts. An augmentation is performed to give the breasts a lift and round them out. Many women select implants too to have the breast tissue snugged up around it.


When Should a Mama Have a Mommy Makeover? 


Skin deep world mommy makeover expert Linda states, "The perfect moment to get this makeover is any time the woman is all finished having babies. There's really no point in performing a makeover before a mother is finished having little ones as she will be subjecting her body to even more stretching out. This will be a waste of her time and money."


How Much Are You Going to Spend on This Surgery?


Various procedures cost differently. It would be less pricey to do some of the procedures than every one of it. Most insurances will never pay for this because it's considered cosmetic surgery. Even so, if the woman is struggling with back pain due to overly huge breasts her physician might suggest breast surgery to alleviate the ache and some insurance companies cover the operation for this cause.  


Will I have Apparent Scars?


Any form of surgery which cuts into the skin is going to have a scar. The scar of a tummy tuck is done low in the bikini line such as for a Cesarean section or hysterectomy treatment. This scar is not obvious when wearing a swimsuit. Breast scar as well is hidden when donning a swimsuit. There are ideas on reducing scarring which the physicians can give to affected individuals.


Will I be Unable to Work For Long?


Most women recover from a mommy makeover within just 1 - 4 weeks based upon the surgery being carried out. It may be nice to have help at home throughout this time period.